Rotary Tillers (18-65 HP)

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RT200 Series Rotary Tillers

Ground breaking news from Dirt Dog… the new RT Series gear driven tillers, designed and built in Commerce, Georgia, can handle your toughest tilling needs. From establishing a garden to putting in a wildlife food plot to incorporating soil amendments for nutrient enhancement, the RT Series tillers from Dirt Dog are built tough to help you get the job done fast. Available in 5-foot, 6-foot and 7-foot tilling widths in both forward and reverse tine rotations, the all-welded steel frame construction houses a side drive gearbox that transfers power to the rotor where 6-blades per flange deliver optimized soil tilling. An adjustable swinging tailgate smooths the tilled soiled leaving a clean finish ready for planting. The RT units are equipped with an innovative, spring-loaded parking stand that makes hitching and unhitching the units a breeze. When you desire optimum tilling performance in a solidly built machine at an affordable price, look no further than the RT Series tiller line from Dirt Dog! Contact your local Dirt Dog dealer to find out more on this exciting series of tillers.

Gearbox warranty
Limited 5-year gearbox warranty covering both the input gearbox and the side drive gearbox; standard 1-year warranty on the balance of the machine. (see op manual for complete details)

Gear driven
The rugged side gear drive powers the RT tillers through the toughest ground conditions at just the right rotor speed. The side gear drive is bathed in oil for long life and is covered by a stamped housing that provides strength and rigidity with an aesthetic look.

6 heat treated blades per flange set in a helix configuration
Each flange of the RT Series rotor contains 6 heat treated blades set in a helix configuration… in layman terms, 6 blades means more earth crushing opportunities while the twisting, helix configuration means blades are in contact with the ground at all times which equals smoother operation and a better ride for the operator.

Retractable parking stand and hideaway driveline holder
When the work is done and the RT tiller is stored, the innovative, spring-loaded parking stand makes securely parking the unit a snap while the driveline holder folds down into place and keeps the driveline out of the dirt.

Floating tailgate
The floating tailgate feathers out the tilled soil leaving it seedbed ready.

Adjustable skid shoes
Easily adjustable skid shoes allow the operator to set the digging depth according to his needs up to a maximum digging depth of 7-1/2 inches (can require multiple passes based on ground conditions).

Forward and reverse tine rotations available
The RT Series tillers are available in either forward tine or reverse tine rotations; both versions get the job done, but personal preferences do matter… Dirt Dog makes sure everybody is happy.

Cat 1 Standard and Quick Hitch with dual hitch lug mounting
The RT Series is developed to fit both standard and quick hitch mounting arrangements. The RT5 and RT6 models fit Category 1 standard and quick hitch while the RT7 accommodates both Category 1 and 2 standard and quick hitch arrangements. All units are designed with full width A-frame mast halves that give incredible strength to the hitch area, along with dual, or straddle mounted, lower lift lugs that allow for a strong, even pull.

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