Grader Box | GRB Series | (25-50 HP)

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Box Blades – GRB

Dirt Dog’s Grader Boxes are the perfect tool for maintaining gravel roads and parking lots. Just attach the road grader and let it take care of the rest. The dual cutting edges are angled and spaced to allow the material to churn and boil, filling up the box. As you move down the road, Dirt Dog’s grader box is shaving the high areas and filling in the low areas leaving a smooth, level road. The real benefit of Dirt Dog’s Road Graders are there simplicity. If you can attach one to your tractor, you can have beautiful, smooth, level roads. It does all the work, just lower the grader box and go. The adjustable shanks add the ability to break up extremely rough sections before smoothing it out with the cutting edges. Each shank has a replaceable plow point. The double lug hitch design is not only Cat. 1 quick hitch compatible but extremely durable. Each side plate has a replaceable skid attached with plow bolts, protecting your investment against wear and tear. The cutting edges are also replaceable and reversible so you get the maximum amount of life out of each blade. Dirt Dog’s grader boxes are available in Red, Green, Orange, Blue and Yellow powder coat paint.

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