ATV Equipment – Plugger

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ATV Equipment – Plugger

Dirt Dog’s ATV/UTV Pluggers and Aerators are the perfect tool for home owners to care for lawns by breaking up and aerating compact dirt with an ATV or UTV. Our ATV Plugger uses 3/4” hardened spoons on independently rotating and greaseable hubs to remove a plug allowing your lawn to breathe, hydrate, and relieve compaction. Our ATV/UTV Aerator is equipped with 3/16” thick slicing knives. These knives are great for athletic fields since they don’t disturb the surface while they aerate and hydrate. Knives are also great for controlling thatch by cutting through grass runners. Dirt Dog’s PGV & ARV both have independent, greaseable hubs on a 1 1/4” axle. The frame can also be used as a weight rack to get maximum penetration.

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