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Dirt Dog’s MPG is a high end, professional grade plugger. The MPG’s fully welded a frame and double lug hitch is cat I and cat II quick hitch compatible. The MPG’s weight rack is heavy. This not only adds weight to the unit, but also provides a stable platform to add your own weight to insure proper penetration. The ¾” closed two hole spoons are hardened and tapered to easily penetrate and remove a plug allowing water, air and minerals into your lawn. Each hub is Greasable and rotates independently on the 1 ¼” solid axle. When to job is done, four jack stands provide unmatched stability when the MPG is not in use. The MPG provides more spoons per inch than comparable models, making it the choice of serious landscape pros. Dort Dog’s pluggers are powder coated yellow and is available in 60” & 72” widths.

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