Box Blades - RBX

Dirt Dog’s Retractable Box Blade is designed with the professional in mind. The RBX is a massive three point lift box with the ability to lower or retract the shanks depending on the job. With the shanks down, the RBX becomes a scarifiering machine. Penetrating hard ground with its shanks much deeper than a standard box blade. Each heat treated shank has a replaceable plow point and is adjustable to dial in the perfect depth. The RBX is attached to the tractor using a heavy duty triple lug hitch and is compatible with all category I & II three point lift tractors up to 70 hp. The scarifier box is retractable from the seat of the tractor with a pull from the handle. Retracting the shanks allows the use of the RBX’s massive box for grading and moving large volumes of dirt. The RBX’s reversible and replaceable ½” x 6” front cutting edge grades while the formed moldboard rolls the dirt as it fills up the box. The floating tail gate allows the front cutting edge to cut deeper by floating up and out of the way and instantly engages when the operator needs to back fill.  When professionals need to level, grade and backfill large areas of land, Dirt Dog’s Retractable Box Blade is the perfect tool for the job. The Rbx is available in yellow powder coat paint.


RBX box blade 

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RBX Features

  • category I & II Hitch
  • Heavy Duty A-Frame
  • Heavy duty Triple Strap Hitch
  • 5″ × 5″ × 1/2" Scarifier Tube
  • Heat Treated Shanks with Replaceable Tips
  • Two 1/2″ × 6″ Replaceable Cutting Edges
  • Available in 6, 6 1/2, and 7 ft
  • Rear Floating Back Fill Blade

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 RBX box blade  


RBX Specifications

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Overall Height Overall Width Overall Depth Box Depth Weight
 55" RBX72…6 ft
RBX78…6 1/2 ft
RBX84…7 ft
 35" 29 1/2" RBX72…829 lbs
RBX78…890 lbs
RBX84…957 lbss
Number of Shanks Lower Hitch
Pin Height
Horse Power
Cutting Edge Hitch
13 1/2" 60-55            1/2″ × 6″ Bolt on,
Reversible & Replaceable
3-Pt. Cat 1 & 2
Paint Options        
Yellow Powder Co