Box Blades - HCBX

High Capacity Box Blade

High capacity Box Blade 

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HCBX Features

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HCBX Specifications

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Overall Height Overall Width Overall Depth Box Depth Weight
 37 5-16" HCBX84…7 ft
HCBX96…8 ft
 30 1/2" 26" HCBX84…540 lbs
HCBX96…592 lbs
Number of Shanks Lower Hitch
Pin Height
Horse Power
Cutting Edge Hitch
17 13/16" 65-55            1/2″ × 6″ Bolt on,
Reversible & Replaceable
3-Pt. Cat I & Cat I Quick Hitch
Paint Options        
ellow Powder Coat Paint