Box Blades - CBX

The CBX series was engineered to be a heavy duty option for compact tractor owners. This tough box has the strength and durability you need, in a compact size you can handle.

CBX box blade 

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CBX Features

  • Category I quick hitch compatible A-frame
  • fully welded A-frame
  • 3/16" side plates
  • adjustable and replaceable shanks
  • two 3/8″ × 6″ bolt-on reversible and replaceable cutting edges
  • available in 4 and 5 ft.

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 CBX box blade  CBX box blade

CBX Specifications

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Overall Height Overall Width Overall Depth Box Depth Weight
 29 1/2" CBX48…4 ft
CBX60…5 ft
 23 1/2" 17 11/16" CBX48…240 lbs
CBX60…280 lbs
Number of Shanks Lower Hitch
Pin Height
Horse Power
Cutting Edge Hitch
13 5/8" 24-20            3/8″ × 6″ Bolt on,
Reversible & Replaceable
3-Pt. Cat 0 & Cat 0 Quick Hitch
Paint Options        
Red, Green, Orange, Blue or Yellow Powder Coat Paint