ATV UTV Equipment

Dirt Dog Manufacturing's ATV/UTV Equipment

Dirt Dog is bringing our heavy duty, quality landscape equipment to the ATV/UTV market. We are proud to introduce the Dirt Dog ATV collection; one frame, many different implements. Our ATV/UTV equipment allows you to level, grade, cultivate, aerate and perform road maintenance all with your ATV or UTV. Dirt Dog’s patent pending design allows you to use all of our ATV implements with one frame, saving you money and allowing you to get to work fast.

With one frame, Dirt Dog’s ATV equipment can accomplish all of your landscaping and food plot tasks. No more flipping over heavy equipment just to transport it over a driveway. Dirt Dog’s ATV equipment comes with either a manual ratchet jack or an optional electric actuator allowing you to operate the transport wheels from the driver’s seat. Go from aerating the lawn to transporting equipment with just a push of a button.

Dirt Dog’s ATV equipment is manufactured with the same quality materials and craftsmanship as our landscape line, so these implements are made to use and last. Combined with the speed and maneuverability of your ATV, the Dirt Dog ATV equipment gives you the capabilities to reach the remote food plot you’ve always wanted to plant, or finally get your lawn looking great.

The difference is in the details. Dirt Dog’s ATV line is real equipment for your ATV; rugged, reliable and engineered to last. Dirt Dog uses solid transport tires to keep you rolling no matter what the terrain. Each implement has been carefully designed and scaled down from our larger three point models to work perfectly with your ATV or UTV. From the independently greaseable and rotating hubs on the ATV Plugger, to the reversible and replaceable cutting edges on the ATV Road Grader, our ATV equipment is designed to be serviceable and last a lifetime.

No matter what landscaping or cultivating job you have in mind, Dirt Dog has the tools to get it done with your ATV or UTV. Whether it’s lawn care, food plots, road maintenance or land clearing, Dirt Dog’s ATV line has you covered. Unlock your ATV’s potential by pulling a Dirt Dog implement and see what you can accomplish.









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