Landscape Equipment - PVB

Dirt Dog’s pulverizers are a must have for any professional landscaper. The PVB’s fully welded A frame and double lug hitch are cat I and cat II compatible. The heavy H beam construction adds weight and allows you to smooth, level and move dirt while the fully welded and adjustable roller pulverizes and compacts the soil. The shanks of the PVB are reversible, replaceable and staggered along the H beam for the best coverage. They rip through and break up tough soil giving you the perfect foundation for any landscaping job. Dirt Dog’s pulverizers are available in single or double roller models from 48” to 84” widths. 

PVB Pulverizer 

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PVB Features

  • heavy duty category I quick hitch compatible A-frame
  • double strap hitch
  • fully welded roller spikes for durability
  • high strength, heat treated 1/2″ × 2″ × 12 1/2" reversible shanks for durability
  • available with single or double roller
  • 1” bearings

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 PVB Pulverizer  PVB pulverizer

PVB Specifications

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Overall Height Overall Width Overall Depth Weight with Single Roller Weight with Double Roller
34 7/8" PVB480……..4 ft
PVB600……..5 ft
PVB660…5 1/2 ft
PVB720……..6 ft
PVB840……..7 ft
 24" PVB480…450 lbs
PVB600…550 lbs
PVB660…580 lbs
PVB720…610 lbs
PVB840…670 lbs
PVB482…540 lbs
PVB602…660 lbs
PVB662…700 lbs
PVB722…740 lbs
PVB842…810 lbs
Number of Shanks
Spike Spacing Horse Power
Lower Pitch
Pin Height
5 1/2" Up to 60          15 3/8" 3-Pt. Cat I & Cat I Quick Hitch
Paint Options        
Yellow Powder Coat Paint