Landscape Equipment - MLR

The MLR series of rakes have the heavy duty features needed to get the toughest jobs done in the least amount of time.

MLR Landscape Rake

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MLR Features

  • Heavy Duty Dategory I Quick Hitch Compatible A-Frame
  • 5 Manual Forward Angles, & 3 Reverse Angles
  • 2 Hole, 5/16″ × 1" Heat Treated, High Carbon Spring Steel Tines
  • Optional Dual Gauge Wheels
  • Heavy Duty 4" × 4" × 3/8" Rake Frame Available in 6, 7 & 8 ft

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 MLR Landscape Rake  MLR Landscape Rake


Optional Gauge Wheels Shown



MLR Specifications

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Overall Height Overall Width Overall Depth Weight Angle Adjustment (F-R)
 41 1/2" MLR72…6 ft
MLR84…7 ft
MLR96... 8 ft
 48" MLR72…249 lbs
MLR84…266 lbs
MLR96... 291 lbs
30° – 15°
Adjustment Method Number of Tines Horse Power
Lower Pitch
Pin Height
Manual or Hydraulic MLR72…36
MLR96... 48
Up to 60          22" 3-Pt. Cat I & Cat I Quick Attach
Paint Options        
Yellow Powder Coat Paint