Disc Harrows & Tillage - Compact Lay Off Plow

Once a field has been broken and disked, the Dirt Dog® CLP Compact Layoff Plow is used to make rows where crops are planted. The CLP has a single, 8" wide prong with a replaceable tip used to lay off and create a bed where you can plant your crops. After the rows are made, the planting can begin. In addition, the Dirt Dog® CLP Layoff Plow can be used for digging root type vegetables such as potatoes. The layoff plow is designed for up to 25 HP tractors with Cat I Standard and Quick Hitch.

Compact Lay Off Plow 

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CLP Features


  • 3/4” x 4” shank
  • Perfect for creating planting beds
  • Replaceable heat treated 16” double wing cutting blade
  • Un-matched fit and finish
  • Available in Yellow, Red, Orange, Green & Blue

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CLP Specifications

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Hitch Category Cat 0
Overall Width 25 11/16"
Overall Height 29 5/8"
Horsepower 25
Weight 52 lbs
Shank Size 5/8 x 3"
Number of Shanks 1
Cutting Point 8" x 4.75mm
Max Cutting Depth N/A