Box Blades - DSP

Dirt Dog’s new DSP Line of Pull-Type Drag Scrapers, with standard fixed axle or optional tilt axle, is ideal for moving large quantities of material, leveling, and finish grading. The DSP units come available in 8’, 10’ and 12’ widths. DSP scrapers equipped with the optional tilt axle can do everything the standard axle does, as well as remove material on an angle for sloping, terracing and ditching. Material can be transferred by dragging it to nearby locations and raising the scraper to deposit the load. Surfaces can be graded and leveled by scraping material from high areas and allowing accumulated material to flow under the grader blade into lower areas. The DSP scrapers are designed for 70 to 125 horsepower tractors and have standard replaceable wear plates on the sides.


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DSP Features

  • standard fixed axle with optional tilt axle 
  • 8', 10', or 12' widths
  • designed for 70 to 125 horsepower tractors 
  • standard replaceable wear plates on the sides 

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 DSP  DSP Hitch DSP Tongue Plate   DSP Bolt on wear plate

DSP Specifications

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Description DS8 DSP10 DSP12
Horsepower Rating    designed for 70 to 125 tractors
Transport Width 97" 121" 145"
Working Width 96 3/16" 120 3/16" 144 3/16"
Capacity 1 3/4 cy, yds 2 1/4 cu. yds 2 3/4 cu. yds
Weight with Weight Box without material in weight box

Tilt Axle

1525 1645 1700

No Tilt Axle

1405 1525 1580
Weight of Material in Weight Box 760
Depth of Box 39"
Dump Clearance 5" below grade
Maximum Tilt Depth to the Right 7" 7 5.8" 8 1/4"
Maximum Tilt Angle 3 1/2"
Tongue Construction 4" x 4" x 1/4" tubing
Side Plate Construction 3/8 x 24 5/16" high x 39 3/4" deep
Moldboard Construction 1/4" x 24 1/4" high when formed
Cutting Edge 1/2" x 6" reversible & replaceable
Max Transport Speed 20 MPH
Lift Cylinder 3 1/2" x 8" ASAE