Box Blades - CGRB

Dirt Dog’s CGRB Compact Road Grader is a perfect choice for dirt and gravel road maintenance. With the all of the same great features stuffed into a smaller package, your compact tractor can handle all of your road maintenance needs. The dual forward mounted cutting edges churn and boil material. This churning and boiling action allows the CGRB to smooth rough areas and fill in low areas leaving your road without pot holes or wind rows. The Dirt Dog Compact Road Grader leaves your road in such good condition, it actually needs less maintenance!

CGRB box blade 

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CGRB Features

  • Category 0 or 1 Quick Hitch compatible
  • 1/4” x 2” Bolt on Replaceable skids
  • 2 – 3/8″ × 6” cutting edges at a 6°
  • Maximum Tractor HP 25 for 2WD or 18 for 4WD
  • Color – Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow 

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GRB Specifications

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Overall Height Overall Width Overall Depth Box Height  
 28 5/8"" 52 3/16" (4ft)
64 3/16" (5ft)
 44" 10 1/4"  
Weight with Shanks Scarifier Box Size # of Shanks # of Plow Bolts Lower Hitch Pin Height
238 lbs (4ft)
297 lbs (5ft)
no shanks
4" x 4" x 5/16" 0 (4ft)
0 (5ft)       
8 (4ft)
10 (5ft)
Horse Power (2wd-4wd)  Cutting Edge   Bolt on Skids  Hitch
25-20 3/8″ × 6″ Bolt on,
Reversible & Replaceable
  1/4" x 2" 3-Pt. Cat 0 & Cat I Quick Hitch
Paint Options        
Red, Green, Orange, Blue or Yellow Powder Coat Paint